Sexy Sadie Plays with Herself and Cums

Sexy Sadie Plays with Herself and Cums
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Sexy Sadie loves cumming. Even if you’re not into girls with a little meat on their bones, it’s hard not to cum after stroking it to Sexy Sadie sticking her fingers in her asshole and then going to town on her clit. Catch her playing solo style in the video below.

She loves to show off her asshole and pussy to the camera as she contracts. Right when she’s near the end, you can see her lift her legs up a bit to show more of her asshole, just as her wet pussy is dripping like a busted fountain. It’s so much fun to watch women cum and see their holes pulsate. She’s (Super) Sexy Sadie and she likes to pretend that you’re dumping your load into her.

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